I am the owner of a brick paver installation company. When it was time to select the pavers for my own home, the only paver manufacturer I considered was Flagstone Pavers. If you want only the best for your home, choose Flagstone Pavers.

Joe Janisco

Simply put, prior to Flagstone Pavers, our client's experience during paver selections was inferior. Besides the beautiful blends, we can also offer blended coping colors to match the field area. As a designer, I couldn't be happier with how professional and comprehensive our paver selections are today!

Robert Ramos, Designer

Thank you so very much for your help with our recent project. From the selection and design of the pavers to the advice on sealing them - we are completely satisfied with your expertise and professionalism.

Michael & Josephine Reeder.

I have found Flagstone Pavers products to be superior in quality, colors more vibrant and most of all customer service has been excellent. It is such a pleasant experience working with Flagstone Pavers. I am looking forward to our continued relationship.

Marty Olson

I can’t satisfy my customers unless I do quality installation work AND have a quality paver company in my corner. Your product and service quality is still as great as it was when we first started working together. I spend my time on my customers and my business and not on worrying about problems – because there aren’t any. Thanks for always making me feel like that “special new customer”.

Sincerely, Brandon Wolcott

Many thanks for your compliments on our new pavers. We chose Flagstone Pavers after doing a thorough investigation of other products and finding they were the best to buy. We are very pleased with their color and durability and look forward to continuing their use on the rest of our driveways.

Ralph Ruocco

We would like to thank you for all your help in the renovation of our atrium and driveways for both buildings. Your involvement in the selection of colors and lying of samples was very helpful in “marketing” the work to our owners and Board. I also appreciated your help in providing us with creditable contractors for bidding the work. The project was completed in a timely manner and turned out to be very much appreciated by the Board and owners alike. Thanks again.

David Ricereto

I am proud of the work the contractor did and your Geostones are magnificent! Thanks again for a beautiful product. My neighbors said this wall makes my home have the best presentation from the inter-coastal in this area.

Regards, Victor Wood, Author

I wanted to thank you for your help designing my pool deck. You were completely right about the color choice as well as the pattern. The deck actually looks like an extension of the house instead of a pool deck. The look is very different from a traditional pool deck. My girlfriend that just had her pool deck re done (she did not use Flagstone) stopped by and said that she liked mine better than her own, should have insisted on Flagstone. Have received lots a compliments from the neighbors as well. Thanks again for your input on this project.

Sheryl Bartolotti

We received a delivery from Flagstone last week. I wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the delivery driver, Cliff Langton. He was very polite and accommodating. Instead of just dumping the materials in one area, he made a point to drop the pallets around the project area. He even sorted them to coincide with the pattern that was selected by the homeowner. How great is that? As always, we appreciate the great service that Flagstone provides. Thanks.


Please give Geoff thanks for everything, to everyone at Flagstone Pavers –great job!

Edward Ramus, Monica, and Breana.