New England

Patriot Pavers

2 3⁄8", 1 316" * THICKNESS
3"x6", 6"x6", 6"x9" * DIMENSIONS
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Paver Patterns

Paver Patterns

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New England PaverNew England Paver
New England Paver
  • Uneven chamfered edges. Blind spacer bars.
  • Meets ASTM specification C-936.
  • 1.38 sets of 3 pieces per square foot.
  • 34-3" x 6", 34-6" x 6", 33-6" x 9" Per 100 pieces.
  • Available only as 3 piece collection.
  • See product chart for English square footage and other information.
  • See Product color run sheet for available colors.

* English measurements are nominal. Exact dimensions are shown metrically as installed measurements.