Paver PhotoThe Declaration Collection

Compilation of 8 small-to-large sized 2-3/8" (60mm) thick paver shapes that can be combined to create unique and diverse patterns. 5 of these shapes are available in 1-3/16” (30mm) thin pavers and can be found as part of the Amendment Collection.

Paver PhotoThe Amendment Collection

Compilation of our vast line of 1-3/16" (30mm) thin paver shapes that can be used for remodeling projects. All of these shapes are available in 2-3/8” (60mm) thick pavers as well.

Paver PhotoCapitol

A beautiful version of the classic "key hole" octagon and square shape, available in thick pavers and thin pavers.

Paver PhotoHeritage

A gorgeous 3 piece set of pavers that are larger than your typical 3 piece combo and are embossed to give the surface a slate like look, available in thick pavers and thin pavers.

Paver PhotoNew England

A handsome 3 piece combination of pavers offering great style and function, available in thick paver and thin pavers.

Paver PhotoPatriot

An attractive and smart version of the classic 2 piece paver set with uneven chamfered edges and surface profile that is as easy on your feet and furniture as it is on your eyes. Available in thick pavers and thin pavers.

Paver PhotoBullnose Coping

A great finishing product for not only new pools but for step applications as well.

Paver PhotoRemodel Coping

The widest selection of remodel coping products available - choose from 3 attractive styles (1", 2-3/4", and 4" overlap lengths) and 23 beautiful colors (solids and blends).

Paver PhotoThe St. Augustine Collection

A compilation of "tumbled-like" thick pavers with distinct curved and uneven chamfered edges that are ideal for building spectacular looking fan, circle, and standard layout patterns.

Paver PhotoGrottoStone

The perfect paver for a random natural stone looking installation.

Paver PhotoBrookStone

A 7-piece set of thick pavers with soft sweeping curves and texured surfaces. Great looking and economical alternative to natural stone paving materials such as flagstone.

Paver PhotoHydroStone

A permeable thick paver that is great for green building or environmentally friendly applications.

Paver PhotoDiamond Turf Block

The best performing and most durable environmental grid pavement product in the marketplace.